I have been Drumming for over 20 years, Brought up in Brass and Heavy Metal Bands, two massive contrasts, but with many similar aspects.

I opened The Alternative Drum School in 2008, with the goal of offering a different approach to Drum Education, and over the years have had Hundreds Of Pupils come to study with me.

I teach Pupils of all Levels, and Abilities. The Drums are accessible to everyone! Teaching is my Passion, and to see someone learn, grow and love it, is inspiring for me.

Outstanding Teachers


Ive been a teacher at The Alternative Drum School since 2018. However, my journey with The Alternative Drum School began years ago when I was a pupil of Ollie’s. Fast forward and now I’m a teacher here myself! I studied music at The Academy of Music and Sound which is where I learnt about the music industry, playing in bands and session musician skills and completed the course, achieving a Triple Distinction at the end.

Aside from my teaching, I play in a few local bands...most notably, Pink Mac - a Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac mash-up, covering a mixture of the bands most iconic songs, as well as there old-school classics! My aim with teaching is to allow everyone to have some fun and play to their favourite music whilst learning all the key elements of what it takes to be a Drummer!